La Spirita viol (viola da gamba) quintet,  specializes in the polyphony of the 17th century in England, Italy, France and Germany.  The name La Spirita derives from a famous canzona of the Italian composer Giovanni Gabrieli from the group's first concert.

The viola da gamba is a Renaissance stringed instrument with six strings and frets, and is a descendant of the vihuela de mano, a Spanish bowed guitar. All three sizes are held played upright, resting on the legs. The sound is clear and gentle and blends beautifully with voices, recorders, oboes and many other early instruments.

La Spirita also performs some modern compositions based upon Renaissance, Baroque and folk traditions.

Since 1995, La Spirita has been performing regularly in central New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania chamber concerts, including combined concerts with other early music groups. The ensemble is a member of the Guild for Early Music and the Viola da Gamba Society of America.


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